There is a special awareness nowadays which is best expressed in the complementary combination of natural elements with more sophisticated, man-made products, an awareness which is anything but abstract or complex, but instead down-to-earth, simple, direct and capable of seamlessly matching the unpredictable variety of the mineral and organic world with the uniformity and rationality of high-tech products.

Important Notice for UK Customers


Please note that all uphosltered goods entering the UK must comply with the furniture and fillings (fire safety) regulations 1988,1989, 1993 and 2010 and as such Gervasoni will only supply UK trade dealers and retailers with product which specifically meets these regulations.
We strongly advise against purchasing our upholstered items from online sellers operating outside of the UK as these goods will not comply with UK regulations and you will be at risk of your house insurance being invalidated or far more serious consequences in the event of a fire.

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Save the date! Supersalone, Milan

5th/10th September 2021
Supersalone, Rho Fair Milan

4th/10th September 2021
Showroom Gervasoni, via Durini 7 Milan

EcoDesign: 3R Reduce Recycle Reuse

Always attentive to the theme of sustainability, Gervasoni was chosen to participate with its products in the travelling exhibition “ECODESIGN: 3R Reduce Recycle Reuse”, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, whose first stop will take place from 27 May to 2 July at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague.

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Summer vibes

Gervasoni Showroom - via Durini, Milano

Photo Francesca Iovene // Stylist Beatrice Rossetti Studio

You can find all the pictures here.

Gervasoni Outdoor Preview | GUNA

Gervasoni Outdoor Preview
September 2021
GUNA - Outdoor Collection
Design Chiara Andreatti

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Gervasoni Outdoor preview | ECHO

Gervasoni Outdoor preview
September 2021
ECHO - Outdoor Carpet Collection
Design Elena Sanguankeo

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Loll Modular

The Loll modular sofa completes the Loll family of sofas and armchairs, it is a project in which comfort and functionality are perfectly expressed through the creation of ever-new compositions.

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Milano Design City 2021

12 — 23.04.2021
New indoor and outdoor collection 2021
New products by Paola Navone, Elena Sanguankeo, Chiara Andreatti

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Springing into the season

Gervasoni Showroom - via Durini, Milano

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